Initial Nutritional Consultation- Adult Visit
$100.00 (90 minutes initial phone consultation)

Adult Follow-Up Visit (In office)
$75.00 (60 minutes)

Initial Nutritional Consultation Youth
$100.00 (60 minutes) + $30 for each additional half hour, as needed

Bodywork (modalities vary)
$50 (45 minutes)

$15 (20 minutes)

Youth Follow-Up Visit
$45.00 (60 minutes)

Supplement/Herbal Recheck
$25 (phone consult available)

Acute Visit (ie: infection, migraines, skin rash)




My 90-minute private yoga session are $75. If you want to schedule a series of private sessions, I offer a discount. Contact me to set something up!

Reparational Healing

When possible I offer free and reduced rates for people of color, indigenous and trans folks in the Twin Cities. I 100% believe in reparations and this is one small way I can practice reparations in my own life as a person with class and racial privilege. Please contact me for details.

Body Work

Includes; Cupping, acupressure, hand therapy and Gua sha. I work with patients to formulate a therapeutic session that meets the needs of their body and as well as their personal preferences.

“With having digestive issues (no gallbladder, acid reflux, IBS,) hormone issues and a history of disordered eating, food has always felt adversarial and complicated at best. Nikki has helped me rebuild my gut health and shown me that I can and should expect a higher standard of daily living. This has started to change my relationship to both food and my body and I have so much more energy!  I couldn't ask for someone more knowledgeable and thoughtful to support me.“ -Nutrition client



If any of these pricing structures prohibit access to my wellness offerings, please contact me so we can determine a situation that will support your individual needs. 


                                                  *Cancellation Policy: Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment will be charged full price.